A Nation Divided — Again?

What do the historically divisive elections of 1860 and 2020 have in Common? They were both about changing demographics.

Question: What do the results of these contests telling the losing party?
Answer: That in the jungle of politics, as in nature, you have to adapt to survive.

When we see a Confederate flag flying on the steps of the Capitol building, we can’t help being reminded of some other deeply divisive moments in American history.

The deepest of these, of course, is the occasion that gave birth to that Confederate banner — which, as if in a nightmare, we saw…

Mr. Total Authority

According to the Washington Post, Business Insider, and a host of other news media, a buffoon behind a microphone in a televised news conference on Monday afternoon (April 13) declared that he has “total authority” over the government of the United States.

Since I don’t watch the TV news, particularly Fox, I don’t really understand how this fool believes he became the king of a country that does not have a monarch as the head of state and — unless I’ve really missed something big — never has. …

The shoe factory in South Braintree Square, MA, where a payroll robbery and two killings began the Sacco-Vanzetti case

The Creation Myth of America, and Why We Need to Remember It Now

The Assembly Room of Independence Hall, an 18th Century British built building, where Americans debated independence.
The Assembly Room of Independence Hall, an 18th Century British built building, where Americans debated independence.
The British built Pennsylvania Statehouse where Americans debated and ultimately chose independence.

I feel most American when I’m reminded of my country’s birth story. It’s the foundational myth of America that gets to me. When I hear about the days of Lexington and Concord and am momentarily transported to the barricades at Bunker Hall facing a bayonet charge by red-coated British regulars, as happened recently inside Independence Hall in Philadelphia (the ‘transported’ part, not the bayonets) — guess whose side I’m on?

All civilizations begin with a myth. The myth of our country’s idealistic beginnings has supported and nourished…

Kurdish protesters hold photos of Kurdish political leaders killed by Turkish-backed militias in Syria.

Trump’s next stop, after we impeach him, has got to be The Hague. That’s where the International Criminal Court prosecutes war criminals.

Because what he’s done to the Kurds in Syria, and to the American soldiers who fought with them, is nothing less than criminal on a breath-taking scale. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a scofflaw. He’s moving straight into Hitler and Stalin territory.

And if he somehow escapes human justice for condemning thousands of human beings to death for fighting for a cause he pompously espoused throughout his campaign and directly after being sworn into office — the…

The moral abomination who currently occupies the oval office has done it again. He has appointed somebody to an important government position who hates the very service that his department has always provided for the betterment of the nation.

What does his latest ‘pick-a-willing-stooge’ appointment to high federal office — acting Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli — fail to understand about “a nation of immigrants” and the history of this country’s founding and subsequent growth, development, and astonishing success.

Or rather what doesn’t he fail to understand?

According to the US Census Bureau, 2 percent of our…

“Have you no sense of decency, sir?” an Army attorney demanded of red-baiting Senator Joseph McCarthy, during the shameful era that bears his name.

Congressman Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee

Voters in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles — and oh yeah, anybody ever been to Baltimore? — have just been saved whole seconds of agonized decision making over who to vote for (or not to vote for) in 2020. …

Why Immigration Still Inflames Trump Voters: Nativist Americans Always Believed Their Country Was Meant to Be a ‘White’ Nation, Even As the Meaning of That Word Kept Changing

Why is slandering immigrants and denigrating their homelands a tool that a bullying, manipulative President, backed by his horde of malignant toadies, continues to rely on to lever up the hysteria of his noxious base?

In the most recent headline-grabbing display of Nativist ignorance, the current “occupant” of the White House (to use Ayanna Pressley’s term for him) essentially told four Congressional critics to “go back where they came from,” somehow ignoring…

Imprisoned Women Told by Their Jailers “to drink out of a toilet.” This is What Happens in “Concentration Camps.” Abuse Is What They Are All About

The government calls them facilities. But they’re also concentration camps.

Members of Congress inspected immigrant detention “facilities,” as the government calls them, along America’s Southern border last week. They found overcrowding, under-feeding, people sleeping on concrete floors under mylar blankets, and women told to drink out of the toilet if they were thirsty.

Welcome to the American Gulag.

Yet some Americans, politicians especially, are offended by the use of the term “concentration camp” for the practice of gathering large numbers of migrants into crowded, under-resourced holding pens for indefinite detention. …

Robert Knox

Novelist, journalist, short story writer, poet, history lover, gardener, blogger. Author of “Suosso’s Lane,” a novel of the notorious Sacco-Vanzetti case.

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